The Italian Appennini Dance Society



The Italian Appennini Dancers were founded in 1978 by the late Sabatino Roncucci with the purpose of displaying Italian culture through Folk Dance. Their name comes from the Appennini mountain range which extends from northern to southern Italy, meaning they represent all of the Italian regions. Our group has performed at many major festivals in Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal; in various US cities and numerous times in Italy. The Italian Appennini dancers have been performing for 40 years.

Meet The Teachers

Stephanie Giardino

Stephanie Giardino has been apart of the Italian Appennini Dancers for 21 years, and has gone from a young, beginner dancer to our now Artistic Director! Stephanie takes pride in her dancers and the group which she runs. Stephanie aims to bring honor to our late founder, Mr Sabatino Roncucci, while displaying intense Italian culture in the city of Edmonton and many other cities abroad. Stephanie strives to train her dancers to not only have skill and technique but also obtain pride and confidence when representing the group and themselves.

Marco Deluca

Marco Deluca has been involved with the Appennini dancers from 2008 where he started as a beginner dancer at eight years old. With Appennini, Marco has performed in San Diego and Montreal at many major festivals and events. Outside of Italian Appennini Dancing, Marco has been involved with local theatre companies for the past seven years. Marco aims to share his passion for cultural dancing onto his students and strives to encourage and train his students for later on success in the group.

Sabrina Farrar

Sabrina has been part of the Appennini Dancers for 14 years. With Appennini, Sabrina has performed in various cities such as Toronto, Montreal, San Diego and many more. Outside of dancing, Sabrina spends a lot of time involved with Dante Aligheri Italian School where she works in the preschool classroom. Sabrina strives to build her students confidence in dance and help prepare them for the beginner level. Sabrina is currently in school to become a teacher where she plans to eventually become a primary school educator!

Of Sabatino Roncucci